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Award Winning Grimsby Smoked Salmon And Haddock

Alfred Enderby has been smoking salmon and haddock in a wonderfully traditional way for over 100 years. Our traditional smokehouse in Grimsby, with its distinctive ornate iron cowls, is roughly a century old, with two generations of the Enderby family involved in running it for two-thirds of that time. We pride ourselves on the high quality of skill and craftsmanship that goes into our now award-winning smoked fish products.

Dry Cured Traditional Grimsby Smoked Salmon

Our Dry Cured Traditional Grimsby Smoked Salmon is naturally smoked the traditional way, over slowly smouldering wood shavings. We source superior salmon from the very best salmon farms, but the key to its subtle and individual flavour comes from the unique smoking techniques used in our century-old smokehouse.

Traditional Grimsby Smoked Haddock

Our Traditional Grimsby Smoked Haddock is naturally smoked overnight in our 100-year-old traditional brick smokehouse to allow for a fuller flavour. Our Grimsby Traditional Smoked Haddock is recognised internationally. It has Protected Geographical Status, which means the only haddock smoked the traditional way in Grimsby can be called Grimsby Traditional Smoked Haddock.