Century Old Tradition

Smoked Fish That Stands The Test Of Time

Over 100 Years of tradition & experience have carefully refined our cold smoking method, producing beautiful smoked fish, that stands the test of time.

Our traditional brick built smokehouse, with it's distinctive ornate iron cowls is roughly a century old, it gives our smoked fish it’s unique flavour, it comes from the layers of tar that have built up within the smokehouse.

Our History


Where it all began

A building on the Grimsby docks, originally constructed as a smithy is converted to a fish curers through the insertion of ten traditional tall chimneys.


Experience Gained

A young Alfred Enderby joins J W Stookes, one of many fish curing houses in Grimsby. His long career would be interrupted only by the Second World War, where he met his wife Maria Olga.


Family Business

After years working as Managing Director of J W Stookes, Alfred Enderby buys the business. Two years later his son, George Enderby joins the family business.


Cod wars

Enderby’s survives the “Cod Wars” of the 1970s by experimenting with  different fish species. In 1974 George’s younger brother Richard Enderby joins the company.


Perfecting the art of smoking

As fish supplies improve and salmon becomes ever more available, George adapts and perfects the art of traditional smoking to salmon. Alfred Enderby’s have smoked salmon successfully ever since.


An icon of food is officially recognised

After over 40 years of service and a long 10 year process, Enderby’s is awarded PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status for our Grimsby Traditional Smoked Haddock.


Half a century of smoking fish

Alfred Enderby Ltd celebrates 50 years of traditional Grimsby fish smoking.


Alfred Enderby achieves recognition

Alfred Enderby Ltd wins runner-up for “Best Individual Product” in the Slow Food London Awards for its renowned Grimsby Traditional Smoked Haddock.


A changing of the fish guard

Loyal customer Patrick Salmon takes over Alfred Enderby Ltd from Richard Enderby who calls time on his 42-year career.


Smoked Taste of Excellence

Alfred Enderby Ltd wins the Producer of the Year award in the 2017 Lincolnshire  Life Magazine Taste of Excellence Awards.


'Exquisite' & 'OUTSTANDING' Awards

Alfred Enderby Ltd receive two Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Food – A three star ‘exquisite’ award for their smoked salmon and a two star “outstanding” award for their smoked haddock.


New Horizons

Alfred Enderby launch their new e-commerce website so you can now experience the taste of traditional smoked Grimsby fish delivered to your door.

Over 100 years of experience

Generations Of Craft

Two generations of the Enderby family have been custodians of the smokehouse, hand crafted skills have been passed down through generations.

Alfred Enderby pride themselves on the high quality of skill & craftsmanship that goes into their award winning smoked fish.

PGI Certification

Traditional Grimsby Smoked Fish

It was a proud day when our Traditional Grimsby Smoked Fish was recognised as a delicacy worthy of PGI Certification.

PGI status, enforced by law, is designed to protect and celebrate traditional regional foods similar to Champagne, Parma ham, Melton Mowbray Pork Pies and Wensleydale Cheese to name just a few... you can be sure our fish is the finest fish on the market.

Industry recognition

Award Winning Taste

Alfred Enderby has been consistently winning year on year a variety of prestigious awards for it’s artisan smoked fish, achieving 3 stars for smoked salmon and 2 stars for smoked haddock in the ‘Great Taste Awards’, with such wonderful judges comments as “Absolutely Stunning”, “Unbelievable Texture, Supple & Tender”, “Melts In The Mouth”, “Excellent Salmon, Obviously Fresh, Well Prepared And Of Fine quality”. 

Overall winner of the Fish & Seafood category in the Great British Food Awards 2020 again with excellent judges comments; “Smoked haddock of this quality deserves its recognition, breakfast, brunch, lunch & dinner, it suits them all“. Taste the best, taste Alfred Enderby’s Smoked Fish...

Family Business

Meet Mr & Mrs Salmon

To this day the the smokery continues to be an artisan family businesses, now run by husband & wife team Patrick & Toni Salmon (yes that’s their real name).

Their driving force has been to offer customers the best value and service, sourcing the finest fish, smoking them to perfection and delivering them to your meal table, the beating heart of every home...

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Award Winning

Traditional Grimsby Smoked Fish