Traditional Smoked Trimmed Finnan Haddock



1 x Small headed haddock split open and smoked (trimmed). We require three days notice when ordering this product. Trimmed.

Naturally smoked overnight in our 100-year-old traditional brick smokehouse to allow for a fuller flavour our smoked haddock is recognised internationally and has Protected Geographical Status. Net weight 375g.

Please call 01472 342984 to order. For urgent deliveries contact us

Great Taste 2 Stars For Alfred Enderby Traditionally Smoked Haddock
  • Vacuum packed in pairs.
  • Can be kept for up to 8 days chilled and unopened or freeze.
  • Once opened use within 4 days.
  • On untrimmed Finnan Haddock cut off the belly flap, tail and fins along the edges.
  • This is a raw product and must be cooked before consuming.

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