Super Seafood

Whittle your waist, fight fatigue and get great skin by eating seafood. Plus it tastes lush! See more. It’s a win – win.

So what is so good about eating seafood?

Seafood Superfood

Well… not only can you technically eat a seafood species every day for 120 days and not eat the same dish twice, it has a load of body and mind loving properties. We spoke to renowned UK nutritionist and author Juliette Kellow BSc RD to get the low down on the scientific backed facts. Legendary-lover Casanova apparently ate 50 oysters every morning to boost his libido.

Thanks to them being rich in zinc, they’re certainly good for fertility. Omega-3 fats in fish are vital for brain function and fish provides several nutrients that support our ability to think, remember, learn and understand information.

We all know that life can feel hectic at times but fish help reduce fatigue and tiredness. Yay! The heart health benefits of seafood are one of the reasons health experts recommend we eat two portions of fish a week; plus fish is full of vitamin D which is especially important for those of us living in ‘less sunny’ climates… cough cough UK.

Eat Seafood For Health
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