‘Made Great in Grimsby’

Grimsby’s seafood industry has launched its own quality mark.

Made Great in Grimsby, is a new quality and provenance mark from the UK’s leading seafood cluster, launched at the UK Seafood Summit led by Simon Dwyer. It recognises the huge amount of value-added work undertaken for food processors, restaurants and retailers in the town and surrounds.

Made Great In Grimsby Quality Mark

Made Great in Grimsby

The phrasing, coined by FMA board member Mike Hryckowian, is seen as embracing the raw material import nature of the town now, with 90 per cent sourced from overseas.

Open to all in the seafood sector, here at Alfred Enderby we are one of the earliest adopters, we know what we have and we are proud to shout about it!

Made Great in Grimsby, Alfred Enderby Fish Smokers

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Marco Pierre White