Grimsby Live Food & Drink Award Winner

Patrick Salmon and Toni Salmon, from Alfred Enderby who scooped food producer of the year in the Grimsby Live Food & Drink Awards 2019.

Grmsby Live Food AwardsPatrick Salmon and Toni Salmon, from Alfred Enderby

Alfred Enderby was named as food producer of the year and owner Patrick Salmon said he was "thrilled" to win the award.

Patrick said: "I'm just thrilled, it's great to be recognised, as fish is not always on everyone's agenda and it should be.

"The focus seems to be on meat or becoming a vegetarian - fish is a very healthy option. "It's vitally important, it's sustainable, it's wild, organic, low fat, low carbon, it's really critical. "The Government recommends two portions and our oily smoked salmon is perfect. Oily fish reduces heart disease - there are lots and lots of benefits.

"We are thrilled it's getting some recognition, I'm thrilled because it's a genuine award - it means somebody has been here, experienced our buying process and tasted the food. "We spend time producing something that's rather marvellous! "It's always a great pleasure flying the flag for Great Grimsby fish, it's an important industry in the town.

"When you buy your fish products from the supermarket look at the production code to locate the factory it was produced in. If it doesn't say UKGG(serial number)EC, then don't buy it! "Support your back door, people that work in Grimsby and the fishing industry should be backed." 

“Simply the most delicious smoked salmon I've eaten in decades.”

Marco Pierre White