Great Taste Winner 2018

We are delighted to announce that Alfred Enderby have successfully received not just one, but two Great Taste Awards for our smoked fish products.

The highly acclaimed awards, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, are the acknowledged benchmark for fine food and drink. Often described as the ‘Oscars’ of the food world, the Great Taste logo is widely recognised as a sign you can trust when buying locally produced food and drink.

Guild of Fine Food

This year over 500 judges, including specially trained food writers, came together at 65 judging days from March through to early July. The judges, from all corners of the food world, blind-tasted in teams of 3 or 4 to ensure a balance of expertise, age and gender were represented.

Alfred Enderby submitted both our smoked salmon and smoked haddock which were awarded the highest three star and two star awards respectively. The Three star ‘exquisite’ award is awarded to those foods classed as ‘extraordinarily tasty’ and is only awarded to 3% of all entries received putting our salmon in a class above the norm. The two star rating received for the haddock is awarded to just 15% of entries received each year.

Alfred Enderby Traditionally Smoked Salmon Wins At Great Taste Awards

Our Three Star Smoked Salmon received some fantastic feedback and comments including;

“A truly beautiful, near perfect looking side of salmon, glossy, burnished, yet firm fleshed.”

“The texture is fantastic – resilient, firm, yet melting in the mouth. The finish is lingering yet remarkably clean.”

“What a magnificent beast. We are salivating just looking at it. It is majestic, with glossy deep orangey-pink flesh. The smoky flavour gently supports the flavour of the fish itself. It is silky and smooth, sweet and succulent and cuts like butter It is just divine – a stunning product – congratulations!”

 Alfred Enderby Traditionally Smoked Haddock Wins At Great Taste Awards

Our Two Star Smoked Haddock also received great feedback;

“An attractive succulent piece of fish with great smokey aroma which flakes well giving excellent meaty texture, the smoke is natural and subtle bringing out the great tasting haddock.”

“A fresh tasting fish with light marine notes, with a firm but meltingly soft texture. Carefully judged smoking that builds in the mouth and lingers delightfully.”

Owner, Patrick Salmon, (yes his name really is “Salmon”), explains: “we have never entered the great tastes awards but our customers tell us we produce the best product that is available, that’s why I bought the business two years ago from the retiring son of Alfred Enderby, Richard.”

“My goal was to maintain the very high standard we had established over previous decades, refine and improve where possible and get it out to the public. People need to know this is available and the great taste awards are a brilliant opportunity to sign post fabulous products like ours.”

“We have long serving loyal staff who diligently go about their craft proud of the Alfred Enderby reputation but blissfully unaware of just how good the smoked fish they produce really is. I feel it is my job to seek the recognition and show the lads in the smoke house that their efforts are truly recognised. The best part of these awards for me is to see the faces of the staff as I read the judges’ comments. A nonchalant smile is high praise from Dave our 42 year served master smoker.”

We pride ourselves on the high quality of skill and craftsmanship that goes into our product. And as such to gain a three and two star status from the Great Taste awards cements our confidence in our wonderful smoked fish – we are truly chuffed!

“Simply the most delicious smoked salmon I've eaten in decades.”

Marco Pierre White