Large undyed smoked haddock fillets are easily our most popular product because they are seen as a highly desired ingredient for a whole variety of seafood dishes such as kedgeree, fish pie and risotto as well as classically poached. We also have a small but highly prized smoked salmon trade selling exclusively whole, unsliced sides. We do this because our customers appreciate that slicing salmon as you need it is far better than buying the plastic packed and pre-sliced alternative. We also smoke cod to order, both dyed and natural.

Although we distribute nationwide our main market is concentrated in London and the South, where our products typically end up in top hotels and restaurants, which we supply via seafood wholesalers and the occasional fish monger. We also have some retail and a mail order trade for individuals who are prepared to buy a 3 kilo carton of smoked haddock or a whole side of smoked salmon.

Smoked Haddock4Grimsby Traditionally Smoked Haddock & Cod

Our Grimsby Traditional Smoked Haddock & Cod is naturally smoked overnight in 100 year old traditional brick smoke houses above the slowly smouldering embers of wood shavings, giving it the very best flavours.

Over 50 years of experience have allowed us to refine our method of smoking. Today we welcome you to share in the delight of this wonderful and specialist product and celebrate the skills that make our region and nation proud of its food heritage.

Our Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish has been recognised internationally. It has Protected Geographical Status, which means only haddock & cod smoked the traditional way in Grimsby can be called Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish.


FISH DOCKS 008Traditional Smoked Salmon

Naturally smoked the traditional way over slowly smouldering wood shavings.

We source our salmon from the very best salmon farms in the Shetland Islands of Northern Scotland to be sure of the most well treated fish and the best quality salmon.




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