The Process

Fish is imported from the carefully managed fishing grounds of Iceland and Norway and landed at least three times a week. It is then sorted, graded and sold by auction at 7 am each week day. The fish is bought by a range of different fish processing firms based in Grimsby who retain an unrivalled set of knowledge and skills and benefit from the reliable supplies and nationwide transport system which operates out of the port.

Each morning we pick out and buy good large haddocks from the auction. We find Icelandic haddocks are usually the most suitable for smoking. The day is then spent filleting and brining the fish, all by hand. The final task of the day is to hang the brined fillets in the smokehouses. The houses are then carefully lit to suit the prevailing conditions so that the fish receives the right infusion of smoke to be ready early next morning when they will be packed in 3 kilo cartons or individually vacuum packed. After chilling the smoked fish is ready for distribution nationwide.

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