Pair of Whole Finnan Haddocks £16 per kilo

Pair of Whole Finnan Haddocks £16 per kilo
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Vacuum packed in pairs.

Untrimmed to weigh 1 kilo. 

Small headed haddock split open and smoked. 

Can be kept for up to 8 days chilled and unopened or freeze.

Once open use within 4 days.

Preparation for cooking

On untrimmed finnan haddock cut off the belly flap, tail and fins along the edges.

Recipe Recommedation: 

Put in a pan and cover with cold water. Bring to the boil then simmer for 5 minutes remove and drain. Carefully lift and remove main skeleton to reveal the succulent flesh underneath. There is a line over pin bones down the right hand side to be removed as well. The delicate loin under the bone can just simply be served with asparagus or fennel possibly with a Hollandaise sauce. The centre portion can be flaked into a kedgeree or risotto and the drier right hand portion can be flaked and mixed with lemon and black pepper and used as a substitute for feta or parmesan to make a dairy free salad.

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